Laws (Hons)

The Bachelor of Laws (Hons) programme aims to provide learners with a rigorous legal education. The programme aims to create in learners a critical understanding of foundational legal concepts and principles, and an ability to make connections between them and appreciate the relationship between the various areas of law. It also aims to enhance the practical skills of the learners, such as analysis, research, communication, interpersonal and organisation skills. The content, depth and breadth of the modules on the programme ensure that learners develop their understanding across the breadth of the core legal areas, along with some more specialised ones, as well as allowing learners to explore certain areas in more detail to allow for full expression of their analytical and reasoning abilities. The programme also aims to prepare learners for progression to professional legal qualifications in Ireland by requiring students to develop a fundamental understanding of the core Irish legal subjects to facilitate progression to the Law Society of Ireland (Solicitors) or the Honorable Society of King’s Inns (Barristers) Examinations. At the same time it is recognised that while, initially, many students will aspire to qualify professionally and engage in private practice, a significant number of our graduates will enter different career pathways. Accordingly, the programme aims to equip students for a range of careers by using teaching and learning techniques that develop their intellectual and transferable skills. These skills are designed to strengthen their employability in careers that may be unrelated to the professional practice of law. Widening access to the benefits to be derived from a rigorous legal education remains the core justification for the programme. In addition, emphasis is also placed on strengthening the transferable skills dimension of the programme in order to enhance the employment opportunities of our graduates.
Nivel NFQ: 8
Duración: 3
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Law