Leadership in Early Years Education and Care

Early Years Education and Care is a rapidly growing area in Ireland. This programme has been designed to facilitate and prepare students and current practitioners or those with an interest in early childhood education for leadership and management roles in the operation of early childhood education services and related public policy. This Masters programme will develop students’ ability to both analyse, manage and creatively respond to critical issues and changes in early childhood care policy and service implementation, all the time being cognisant of the best interests of the child. Note: Please be aware that some of the modules on this programme are taught in the evening. If you wish to complete the programme as a full-time student, you must complete both the day and evening modules in one academic year. What will I be able to do when I finish this programme? Graduates of this programme will be able to: Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the underlying theories and key concepts with a focus on leadership and critical assessment skills within an Irish and International context; Analyse the current theories, concepts, challenges and research areas with an ability to solve complex problems through a variety of reflective and participatory work; Exhibit critical awareness of contemporary issues and challenges relating to the role and effect of early years education on the child, the family and society; Apply the theory and practice of leadership roles in supporting quality; Engage in scholarly debate at an academic, policy and practice based level on a range of early year’s education and leadership issues; Develop, maintain and build on professional relationships fostered throughout the programme with practical skills and tools to reflect and critically self-evaluate; Gather, assimilate, synthesise and analyse information on a variety of levels; Critically reflect on how leadership practice in early year’s education connects to and interacts with wider social issues in Ireland and beyond.