Legal Studies with Business

The BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business is a one year add-on degree course which follows on from the BA in Legal Studies in International Trade, the BA in Legal Studies or equivalent. Special Feature of the Programme The interdisciplinary nature of this course caters for students who are considering entering the employment market and who are attracted not only to the possibility of a career in the legal sector but also to a career in the business sector. The mix of law and business modules offered on this programme expands the range of careers that are available to graduates once they have completed the course. This course is approved by the Board of the Honorable Society of Kings Inns for students holding both the Higher Certificate in Arts in Legal Studies and the BA in Legal Studies. Electives Students who have completed the BA in Legal Studies in International Trade cannot elect EU Law. Students who have completed the BA in Legal studies must elect EU Law. The elective group of Administrative Law & Jurisprudence are only available at the discretion of the Head of Department.
Nivel NFQ: 8
Duración: 1
Area del curso: Law