Mathematics with Education (MED)

As an undergraduate, you will study a four-year Science degree, while also completing 60 credits in Education. After four years you are awarded a BSc Mathematics (with Education) degree – a level 8 honours degree. You now have two pathways open to you. 1. You can choose to exit your studies with your level 8 qualification and take a different path in your education or career. 2. You can continue with your studies to become a fully qualified teacher. This means you complete one further year of study at postgraduate level - required in order to meet the Teaching Council requirements to be registered as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) in two subjects. Having graduated with your Level 8 BSc Mathematics (with Education) degree, you are guaranteed your place in this postgraduate year. At the end of year five of your studies, you will be a fully qualified secondlevel mathematics and applied mathematics teacher. Through this pathway you are fully qualified after five years rather than taking the six year route (details of the six-year route are outlined in the next bullet point above). For those students who may not achieve the points necessary to secure a place on MH212, an alternative, six-year route to second-level teaching is available. You can take the BSc Bachelor of Science degree (MH201) for four years and then apply for the Level 9 Professional Master of Education degree. The PME is a two-year, full-time programme designed to qualify graduates to teach at second level. Entry to the PME is competitive and is not guaranteed to graduates of the BSc Bachelor of Science degree.