The Human Biology Building is a four-storey recently opened building with a gross floor area of 8,200m² housing the disciplines of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology and Therapeutics. The purpose of the building is to provide a facility in which all of these disciplines are within a research-led environment and to: • Deliver core preclinical curricula to Medical and Health Science students; • Deliver core curricula to Science, Biomedical Science and Engineering students; • Provide a venue for postgraduate taught masters degrees; • Provide a venue for discipline-specific training in third and forth years. The building has been designed as a teaching and research facility with accommodation including undergraduate teaching laboratories, research laboratories, offices, open-plan write-up spaces, meeting rooms, tiered lecture theatres and other ancillary facilities. This facility has greatly enhanced teaching and research across disciplines, providing our students with access to cuttingedge research and learning opportunities