Medieval and Antiquity

This cross-disciplinary programme, unique in Ireland, provides students with a firm foundation in the study of European— ncluding Irish—cultures, languages and societies from the Classical period to the end of the Middle Ages. The course’s interdisciplinary requirements encourage students to view the past, in Europe, Ireland, and beyond, in a multidimensional way while they learn core linguistic and other technical skills necessary for academic research in the Antique and Medieval worlds. This programme has four core modules. All students study Latin at a level commensurate with their experience. In addition, there is a module in Research Perspectives building on the seminars run by the Centre for Antique Medieval and Pre-Modern Studies (CAMPS). A module in Palaeography and Book Studies introduces students to the practical skills they will need to conduct research in the area while one in Antiquities and Medievalisms interrogates the origins of the discipline and the way in which Medieval and Antique motifs are used in the modern world. Students will take modules in Language and/or Literature in a language of their choice (Early English, French, Irish, Norse). No prior knowledge of these languages is required. They may also choose electives from Archaeology, Classics, History.