Multidisciplinary Radiology

Radiology is a vast and ever growing field within medicine that is evolving at a pace that is almost difficult to comprehend. It plays a major role within multidisciplinary team care provision with many specialists now dependent on radiological imaging for clinical decision-making. The MSc/PDip in Multidisciplinary Radiology is designed to meet this need. The programme is multidisciplinary in nature, with a fully integrated clinical and radiological approach to patient care both among faculty and learners. We have designed our modules with distance learning in mind. The traditional class-based educational activities are run in one-week blocks for each module. This means that a student will only be required to travel to campus for five weeks over the course of the academic year, or this will be spread over the two years if doing the course part-time. Utilising contemporary distance learning online technologies, students can complete the remaining components of the module in their own time through self-directed learning while not present on campus.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1
Ciudad: GALWAY
Area del curso: Science