Network Technologies

Networking Technology is about designing and building computer networks and involves the physical installation and commissioning of networks and connection to the Internet. As a student, you will acquire the technical skills and knowledge necessary for a career in IT and computer networking. You will acquire a grounding in computer networking technologies, electronics, communications and web development, together with a knowledge of business operations and project management. This course has an emphasis on continuous assessment, and you’ll learn by doing and working with hands-on applications rather than entirely from theory. You’ll learn how to diagnose, repair and maintain computer and network hardware and system software, how to support all peripheral equipment that connects to computer networks, and gain experience in controlling external devices using computers. The course incorporates modules from Cisco Systems. Cisco is the leading networking company, and you will have the opportunity to acquire a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) qualification. Software is also an integral part of all networks, so you will be able to install and maintain a wide range of network and system software, including operating systems, such as Windows and Linux. You will gain valuable skills in network security, and web design and services. An industry-standard education, coupled with a work placement in Year 3, will complement your academic learning and ensure that on graduation, you can immediately apply your skills.
Nivel NFQ: 7
Duración: 3
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: IT