Nutrition & Exercise Science

The BSc (Hons) in Nutrition & Exercise Science is a full-time, four year, honours degree course of study that can be chosen within the Exercise Sciences Common Entry Route. The Nutrition and Exercise Science pathway will give graduates the knowledge and skills to work with individual athletes and teams to optimise nutritional intake. They will also have the knowledge and skills to assist the general population in following healthy eating guidelines and achieving a healthy body weight. The final two years of the programme will be built on a broad-based exercise science education in physiology, biomechanics, psychology, nutrition and dietary assessment, physical activity, strength and conditioning and exercise programming. At the end of the programme, graduates will be able to: Assess the specific nutritional needs of various athletic populations Undertake a comprehensive dietary intake analysis Assist athletic populations in altering dietary intake and dietary planning to optimise performance, during training and around competition Assist the general population in following healthy eating guideline and achieving a health bodyweight Advise on the use of supplements Assist athletes, coaches and the general public in distinguishing fact from fiction with reference to the nutrition research literature