Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Chemistry

In this programme you will receive an excellent education in a range of different aspects of Chemistry, with a focus on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry and Biology. Chemistry is taken with: Mathematics, Biology and one other Science subject in first year, with Biology and Mathematics or Electives in second year and with Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry and Biology in third year. In fourth year you will have the opportunity to undertake a six-month work placement/internship (subject to availability), as well as take courses in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry and Biology. There is a transfer pathway from 1st year MH201 Science to 2nd year MH210 Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry (subject to availability of places) for students who have taken Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and another subject. Students must attain at least 60%. Places are limited and are based on 1st year results. If you are interested in the areas of chemistry that are important for the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries, then this is the degree for you. You will have the opportunity to go on site visits to see the workings of pharmaceutical companies. A six-month work placement/internship, subject to availability, will give you an insight into the working environment of a professional chemist and help you to improve your career prospects. This innovative programme develops skills in problem-solving, communication, scientific writing and presentation – all highly valued in the workforce. These transferable skills will help provide employment opportunities in chemistry and non-chemistry based careers.