Physics for Modern Technology

What is the BSc (Hons) in Physics for Modern Technology? The BSc (Hons) in Physics for Modern Technology is a full time, four year, honours degree which can be chosen within the WD002 - Bachelor of Science (Hons) Common Entry Route. This is an inter-disciplinary course which provides students with an understanding of the physics underlying modern technologies such as semiconductors, optics/photonics, alternative energy, and sensor systems. It is designed to provide students with strong and complementary skills in the areas of physics, engineering, mathematics and programming. Graduates will develop a range of transferable skills that are valued and much sought after by industry. BSc (Hons) in Physics for Modern Technology work placement or study abroad Students undertake a six-month work placement, allowing them to develop valuable professional skills. Recent placement opportunities have included: Analog Devices, Bausch & Lomb, Teva, FeedHenry, TSSG, UPMC Whitfield Cancer Care, Genzyme, Fidelity Investments, ESA (European Space Agency, Holland) and NPrime (UK).. Students may also study abroad in one of WIT’s partner institutions in Europe, Canada or the USA. Why are Physics and Technology important? Physics is central to understanding the world around us and it is the driving force behind most modern technologies Smartphones, iPads, fibre-optics, lasers, GPS satellites, solid state drives, radiotherapy beams, smart sensors, medical imaging systems, and a host of other devices and systems are all applications of physics.