Physics with Astrophysics

If you are passionate about understanding astrophysical phenomena, this degree has been designed for you. It is based on the Single Major degree in Experimental Physics but with an increased emphasis on studying the physical principles needed to understand astronomical objects such as planets, stars and galaxies, as well as the dynamics of the Universe as a whole. You will study the latest telescopes, satellites, detector technology and data analysis techniques used to make the exquisitely sensitive observations needed in modern astrophysics. In addition you will receive an excellent grounding in all the core areas of Experimental Physics, opening up all the career opportunities available to physicists. Students attaining 60% in Experimental Physics and 60% in either Mathematics or Mathematical Physics in 2nd MH201 Science may apply to transfer into MH204 in 3rd year. Places are limited and are based on results. Maynooth University has a long tradition of excellence in Experimental Physics. The inventor of the induction coil, Nicholas Callan, was Professor of Experimental Physics here from 1826 to 1864. Facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories, an observatory with a computerised Meade telescope, an atmospheric physics facility, and radio and cosmic ray telescopes. Field trips and scientific visits are organised to other facilities such as L’Observatoire d’Haute Provence (France), the European Space Agency (the Netherlands), Jodrell Bank (UK), St. Luke’s Hospital and Armagh Observatory