Physics with Biomedical Sciences

This course combines lectures, tutorials and modern laboratory work with fundamental physics concepts and exciting, real-life technological skills and applications in the biomedical area. This will develop your analytical and problem-solving skills. Throughout your course, you will work in a custom-designed physics building equipped with state-of-the-art undergraduate and research laboratories. Seminars are delivered by international experts and eminent DCU researchers. Visits to internationally renowned biomedical research institutes will also be important parts of the course. In Years One and Two, you’ll learn the basic foundations of physics and the fundamentals of chemistry, cell biology, anatomy and physiology. In Years Three and Four, you’ll study a selection of more advanced physics topics, such as Quantum Mechanics or Laser Physics, which underpin applications in the biomedical sciences. Application courses at the interface between the physical and life sciences, such as Biomechanics of Human Movement, will also be offered. In Year Four, expert academic staff will teach medical physics subjects such as Medical Imaging or Medical Applications of Lasers. In Year Three, INTRA will be an important opportunity for you to work for an extended period in a hospital and experience a real medical environment. INTRA placements in private companies with business interests in medical/biological instrumentation, Biotechnological applications or optical medical diagnostic applications, for example, are also possible. Your Year Four project is an opportunity to experience first-hand the excitement and personal achievement associated with scientific research. On several occasions, final-year physics students with exceptional project work have received national and international awards from the Undergraduate Awards, the Institute of Physics and the International Society of Automation.