Product Design & Innovation

A highly practical course, with an emphasis on project-based learning, workshops, laboratory sessions and group work. Opportunity to take a six-month, full-time work experience placement, in a relevant employment setting. Students acquire a broad understanding of product design and innovation from both an engineering and a marketing point of view - leading you to create solutions that balance business viability, human desirability and technical feasibility. As a student of Product Design and Innovation, you will learn to harness your creative, artistic, and problem-solving skills. You will also gain a relevant understanding of technology and materials, and a sensitive awareness of human needs and behaviour through user-centred design. You will learn to combine these abilities to create products that satisfy, even delight, users. You will acquire an understanding of Product Design and Innovation from both an engineering and a marketing point of view. You will learn from accomplished designers and design entrepreneurs - people who have experience designing in sports equipment, medical devices, user interfaces and consumer electronics and homeware – as well as having impeccable academic credentials.