Quantity Surveying

Construction Projects supply the key infrastructure that is vital for the functioning of our modern society ranging from Schools to Hospitals, Houses, Apartment Buildings, Office Blocks, Factories, Warehouses, Data Centres, Shops & Retail. Quantity Surveyors manage and control all aspects of costs on a construction project. Their expertise is critical to ensuring that construction projects are completed on time and within budget. While Measuring and Valuing construction work is at the heart of what Quantity Surveyors do, they are deeply involved in many other aspects of the construction process including Tendering and Contract Administration, Procurement of Materials and Subcontractors, Pricing of Tenders, Project Management and advising clients on contractual implication and Building Economics. Quantity Surveyors must have a deep understanding of Construction Technology and Construction Methods. The core expertise of a Quantity Surveyor is in all aspects of the Cost of Construction and in particular Measuring and Valuing Construction Work. They will have a deep knowledge of Construction Contract Law and Administration, and strong Procurement and Negotiation skills. Quantity Surveyors normally work for Professional Quantity Surveyor firms as part of the Design Team advising Clients or they work as quantity surveyors or estimators for Building Contracting firms that construct the projects. They may also work with Property Developers, directly for Clients as Building Procurement Managers and in a variety of other roles across the Construction Industry. Course Structure Our course is built around helping you to develop the key skills to become a Quantity Surveyor. You will develop a deep understanding of different Methods of Construction and Construction Technology ranging from housing to complex commercial and industrial developments. Central to the course are subjects to develop your expertise in the core quantity surveying costing skills of Measurement and Valuing of Building Work, Pricing, Estimating and Building economics. You will learn about the Legal Aspects of Construction Contracts and how to administer them. Other important subject areas you will study include Project Management, Procurement and Negotiation Skills. We believe in Learning by Doing. In addition to lectures, we place a strong emphasis on the practical application of what you have learned. You will develop your skills through working on Individual and Team Projects that are focussed on real construction situations. Quantity Surveyors increasingly rely on sophisticated computer software and technology to assist them in their work. You will develop and practice your skills in the use of the leading-edge technology and software packages that are used in the industry. A key part of the course is the industrial placement in the second semester of Year 3 where you will spend 6 months working in the industry. Is this course for you? Do you enjoy working on practical projects and working in teams with other people? Do you have a practical and logical mind? Do you enjoy problem-solving? Are you comfortable with numbers? Do you want to work in a vibrant industry with great employment/career prospects? If Yes, then Quantity Surveying should be of interest to you!