Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is an exciting emerging discipline, which aims to develop novel therapeutics to repair and regenerate damaged and diseased organs. These therapeutics utilise stem cells, gene therapy, biomaterials, engineered tissue and biologically active compounds. This 12-month, taught MSc course will equip you with the skills to participate in this discipline. Modules will address the science behind regenerative medicine as well as its application to human disease. The first two semesters will consist of modules (see details of these on the course website) covering the scientific principles of stem cells, gene therapy, tissue engineering and immunology. Training in scientific concepts and techniques important to biomedical research takes place via a series of laboratory-based practical sessions. The regulatory issues involved in translating research observation to an approved treatment for patients will be a focus throughout the course. During the summer semester, students embark on individual, laboratory-based research projects or industrial placements.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1
Ciudad: GALWAY
Area del curso: Science