Robotics and Intelligent Devices

Robotics and Intelligent Devices focuses on the design, implementation, and use of intelligent physical things in the environment. These include robots, autonomous vehicles, smart sensors, and internet-of-things devices. In the modern world, many of these things are the basis for brand new services or service improvements in areas such as health and wellbeing, assistive living, safety, smart manufacturing, retail and hospitality, among others. In addition to strong software skills, students completing the degree in Robotics and Intelligent Devices will develop strong competencies in systems and knowledge of how systems fit together, through areas such as electronic hardware design, signal processing and system control. Blending Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, we focus on adding intelligence to every day systems and developing robots that can interact with humans and our environment. Through project work, students will explore robotics and intelligent devices and may focus their project work throughout the programme in a specific area of their interest or blend thematic areas. There is a transfer pathway from 1st year MH306 Robotics & Intelligent Devices to 2nd year MH304 Engineering. Students must attain 50% in Mathematics and pass the year. There is no limit on places