Science in Data Analytics

The Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics is a one year full-time Semester one lays the groundwork for the programme and encompasses mostly foundational modules that focus on providing a solid and comprehensive understanding of the relevant concepts, a proficiency in the use of programming for data analytics and Statistics for Data Analytics and Databases and Business Application. Semester two builds on this by covering advanced modules in which the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired in the first semester can be employed. Semester two also comprises an elective module of project or placement module, which focuses on applied skills. The objectives of the programme are to: Develop learner’s criticality in order to analyse industry trends in Big Data. Develop learners who are capable of performing robust, significant reports on the future orientation of the field of data analytics with specific emphasis on the problem domain. Provide learners with a platform to develop the requisite technical and design skills required by industry and to deepen knowledge of statistical analysis and analytical models. Enable learners to implement scalable Big Data applications. Prepare learners to work effectively and collaboratively in the execution of common goals. Provide work opportunities where learners can apply knowledge to a real-world situation.