Sustainable Energy System Management*

TUS has developed the Masters in Sustainable Energy System Management, in recognition of the growing international market for sustainable energy systems and the shortage of qualified professionals with the techno economic skills required for the global transition to a Clean and Sustainable Energy Future. Designed by TUS and delivered in partnership with Universities in Holland, Spain and Belgium this Masters produces graduates who can work in one of the fastest and rapidly evolving sectors globally. This programme is run in collaboration with the Association of European Research Centres (EUREC). Our programme explores the key social and global issues and ways to address these to benefit individuals, communities, societies and our planet. Our programme develops leaders with the interdisciplinary skills and insight required for a successful career in the Sustainable Energy sector. Graduates can apply critical thinking, policy analysis and interdisciplinary environmental skills in sectors as diverse as transport, renewable energy, ecosystem planning and management, community development, technology innovation and beyond. There is diversity within the programme, where your options for specialisation and dissertation can be tailored to support your intended career path.