Theoretical Physics & Maths (SCIMS)

You will study the entire physical world from the microscopic to the cosmic - topics such as black holes, the Big Bang, quantum computing, elementary particles and the fundamental forces of nature, superconductivity, neural networks, matter in extreme conditions, and simulation of physical and biological systems. You will develop a deeper understanding of the various areas of modern mathematics, including analysis, algebra, geometry, and topology. This accelerated three-year programme is designed for students with a very strong interest in theoretical physics and mathematics. Students take Theoretical (Mathematical) Physics and Mathematics throughout the three years of the programme. Understand how mathematical science underpins key areas of human endeavour and industry, from engineering to construction to economics, software development to space travel. Learn how to think hard and rigorously about mathematical questions and the fundamental theories of physics. Take a degree where you are prepared for research in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and their applications in science and technology.