Values & Knowledge Philosophy

The relation between values and knowledge is a central concern for any society. At present, it is widely assumed that the pursuit of knowledge is valuable only to the degree that it has measurable, practical benefits as an outcome. Our MA programme offers a context for detailed consideration of this assumption. We identify and question the issues involved at deeper levels of analysis than are available through ordinary discussion. This high level of critical scrutiny is made possible through the programme’s broad philosophical perspective—engaging with questions arising in other disciplines also. More specifically, our programme provides an in-depth study of different forms of value in terms of both their cognitive basis and their relation to other areas of knowledge and activity. We also consider the way in which knowledge has been defined and theorized since the Enlightenment. The programme combines historical perspectives and contemporary critical debates so as to provide a set of analytic and argumentative skills that are advantageous for further work in philosophy or for competing in the job market. Detailed course descriptions and module titles are on our course website.
Nivel NFQ: 9
Duración: 1
Ciudad: GALWAY
Area del curso: Humanities