Visual Merchandising & Display

Visual merchandising is the practice in the retail industry of developing floor plans and three-dimensional displays to maximise sales. Merchandising is a key element in any successful retail industry. This course has a vital role to play in ensuring a steady supply of suitably qualified graduates who can help Irish retail companies develop this aspect of their business. You’ll develop mastery in the theory and strategies of visual merchandising, practical competence in the skills needed for retail display, and an understanding of brand image and consumer behaviour – and be able to operate at a high level in the retail industry. Subjects include visual merchandising, graphic design, drawing & digital presentation, business practice, history of retail & fashion design, fashion accessory production & fashion styling, 3D design and retail business practice. In Year 3, you’ll develop and present a major Self-Directed Retail Industry Project and take modules in Interior Design, Branding, Marketing & Digital Modelling while preparing a proposal for your major project through your work placement. You present this project at the end of the year as an installation in a retail outlet.