Business Studies with Beauty & Spa Management

The BA (Honours) in Business Studies with Beauty and Spa Management will appeal to students who wish to pursue a management career in the beauty and spa industry.

This Honours Degree programme aims to equip graduates with professional practical skills and theoretical knowledge relevant to the beauty and spa services sector. It also emphasises the importance of business acumen to manage within the sector, as well as excellence in technical skills across a range of spa and beauty treatments and therapies. To achieve this, this programme fosters in the student specific beauty and spa technical skills, in addition to applied business competencies to prepare them to contribute effectively in the wider world of beauty and spa.

Business Studies with Event Management

The BBs (Honours) in Business Studies with Event Management will appeal to students who wish to pursue a management career in Event Management.

Graduates of this programme will have practical business know-how grounded in the event sector as this programme provides a broad introduction to event management principles and practice. The programme provides students with lots of opportunities to experience a variety of roles and disciplines a live event in year 2, can avail of student international trips and can spend time abroad studying as part of the Erasmus programme.

This programme contains a significant work placement in Year 3, giving students the chance to take classroom knowledge to the workplace.

Business Studies with Travel & Tourism Management

Over 200 million people work in the travel and tourism industry worldwide. Our travel and tourism training is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to maximise your careers opportunities in this rapidly expanding and ever evolving industry. Graduates of the course will have practical business know-how grounded in the travel and tourism sector as the course provides a broad introduction to travel and tourism management principles and practice.

The course contains a significant work placement in Year 3, giving students the chance to apply classroom knowledge to the workplace. The course also has professional links with the Irish Hotels Federation, Fáilte Ireland, Tourism Ireland and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

Culinary Innovation & Food Product Development

The MSc in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development is an exciting one-year course, designed to uniquely bridge the knowledge gap between science, business and the culinary arts. The course will enhance the learner’s ability to think critically, manage group dynamics, plan strategically and approach problem solving through the lens of both innovation and integrity in order to develop safe, healthy and innovative food products. The unique learning environment provides participants with the ability to successfully move ideas and innovative concepts into commercial practice. In doing so, it addresses Ireland’s need to maintain competitiveness within the food industry by cultivating cross-functional, innovative graduates.

Tourism Management

This one year course provides an opportunity for students who have successfully completed the BA Ordinary degree in Tourism Management to attain an honours degree in a further single year of study. It runs in conjunction with the BSc (Honours) in Leisure Management and BSc (Honours) in Hospitality Management.

Learning Outcomes: What will I Study?
The offering of the BSc (Honours) in Tourism Management course further develops the learners’ key skills, their strategic ability and their knowledge of the tourism management discipline. The BSc course provides a learning environment which builds upon the tourism management discipline at ordinary degree level and encourages a theoretical approach and a research ethos. It provides a course of study that enhances relationships between industry, and the School as a centre of excellence, in the tourism management area. The course encourages social, ethical and leadership competencies in this specified field.

It is this combination of higher learning outcomes that warrants an Honours award. Through the modules offered students acquire and utilise the additional cognitive skills of evaluation and synthesis, which is applied to the area of tourism management.

Tourism & Digital Marketing

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries worldwide and is forecasted to be one of the fastest-growing global sectors, with exciting career opportunities.

This course focuses broadly on business and management subjects and more specifically on digital tourism marketing, to reflect the changing needs of the industry in light of technological advances.

A suite of modules has been designed on the marketing and management of tourism enterprises such as visitor attractions, destination management companies, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, conference centres and management bureaux.

You’ll acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of tourism and marketing practices, gaining an understanding of the operation of the tourism industry and the use of digital tools for tourism marketing.

Tourism Management** (September/January Intake)

The programme is a conversion course aimed at both professionals currently employed within the tourism industry and those from complementary backgrounds who wish to enter the tourism field. In this context it may be of particular interest to people coming from a heritage, languages, geography, marketing or business background.

This course aims to equip participants with the necessary expertise to manage, co-ordinate and develop tourism businesses and projects in Ireland and abroad. It is aimed at both professionals currently employed within the tourism industry and those from related fields. This dynamic programme encourages interaction between academics and industry practitioners from the national and international tourism sector.

International Hospitality Management

Hospitality is a growing, diverse and exciting industry that provides an abundance of employment opportunities at home and elsewhere around the globe. The demand for hospitality graduates is growing each year in the global hotel, leisure, industrial, business, health and education sectors.

This course will give you the management, technological and operational skills you need to work in the international hospitality industry. Specific modules enhance the international focus of the course and the international experience of the student.

You’ll develop the strong communication, interpersonal, management and leadership skills that have been identified by the hospitality industry as essential for career success.

Key areas of study are Communications, Management, Law and Industry Studies.

Event Management

Event managers are needed to generate event ideas and facilitate them professionally. From a global event like the St Patrick’s Festival to regional food and sports weekends, corporate events, conferences, public celebrations and festivals, event management has evolved into big business. This growth nationally and internationally has been fuelled by the increase in the number, size and sophistication of events. Ireland has a thriving events sector which hosts exciting and varied events and festivals throughout the year.

In this four-year course, you’ll acquire practical and theoretical skills in all aspects of event management. You’ll become knowledgeable in areas such as event planning and design, marketing, sponsorship, staging and health and safety. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge, understanding and professional management skills you need. As well as event-specific subjects such as Event Industry Studies and Event Planning and Production, you’ll also follow a broad business course with subjects such as Management, Marketing, Finance and Law. European languages are increasingly important in the world of work.