Legal Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies is a one-year, full time, add-on course for students who wish to seek employment in areas where law plays a prominent role.

The main aims and objectives of the programme are:

To provide specialised knowledge of specific, core law subjects, in depth.

To provide education that equips the student with legal knowledge and skills that can be applied to the legal profession and in employment generally.

To provide a broad education that equips the student with legal knowledge and skills that can be applied in further study at Level 8.

To develop the student’s capacity to evaluate and integrate knowledge, conceptual skills and competences through group work, presentations, and independent research.

To develop the student’s capacity to become a life-long, evaluative, and reflective learner.

Students who successfully complete this programme can proceed to honours degree level on the BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business programme. The BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business is approved by the Board of the Honorable Society of Kings Inns for students holding it, together with the Higher Certificate in Arts in Legal Studies and the BA in Legal Studies, provided certain conditions have been met.

Legal Studies with Business

The BA (Hons) in Legal Studies with Business is a one year add-on degree course which follows on from the BA in Legal Studies in International Trade, the BA in Legal Studies or equivalent.

Special Feature of the Programme
The interdisciplinary nature of this course caters for students who are considering entering the employment market and who are attracted not only to the possibility of a career in the legal sector but also to a career in the business sector. The mix of law and business modules offered on this programme expands the range of careers that are available to graduates once they have completed the course.

This course is approved by the Board of the Honorable Society of Kings Inns for students holding both the Higher Certificate in Arts in Legal Studies and the BA in Legal Studies.

Students who have completed the BA in Legal Studies in International Trade cannot elect EU Law. Students who have completed the BA in Legal studies must elect EU Law. The elective group of Administrative Law & Jurisprudence are only available at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Criminal Justice Studies

The BA (Hons) in Criminal Justice Studies is a three year degree course designed to equip the student with general knowledge and transferable skills while focusing on the broad theme of criminal justice. It is a multidisciplinary course.

Special Features of the Course
While this course is both inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary in order to help students develop general academic skills, it is designed with those in mind who would like to enter the criminal justice professions and seeks to cater for their specific educational requirements.


The LLB is a traditional law degree offering a curriculum of core and elective law subjects. Students are encouraged and supported in acquiring skills in legal analysis, legal research and written and oral communication. The course seeks to impart a sound understanding of law and the intellectual foundation necessary to prepare for a career as a legal professional.

Course Structure
The LLB is a three-year course in which the core law subjects are covered as well as a number of elective subjects. The course offered by SETU Carlow is a qualifying degree in that it is approved by the relevant legal professional bodies.

Is this course for you?
If you are interested in the art of analysis, research, logical reasoning, and finding creative and imaginative ways to solve problems, then a degree in law might be for you. Your legal studies should also provide you with a sound understanding of the foundations of the legal system, the constitutional framework of the state, and the political and economic influences on the development of the law.

Special Features:
One of the only law degrees available outside the major cities of Ireland.
Degree approved by the Honourable Society of King’s Inns and students are eligible to sit the entrance exam to the Barrister at Law Degree course (see
Graduates are exempted from the Law Society’s Preliminary examination.
Modules in legal research and writing provide students with the skills required by this discipline for independent learning and research.

Government Politics, Economics and Law

Do you want to better understand
how government works and how
public policy can be improved?
• Do you want to better understand
how politics, economics and law
combine to produce public and
social policy?
• Are you interested in working in
government, business or law? If so,
then the BA: Government (Politics,
Economics, and Law) at NUI Galway
is for you.
• The three core disciplines of this
degree combine to give graduates
unique knowledge and background
to develop careers in both the
private and public sectors.

Public Policy

The MA in Public Policy prepares its graduates to work in
government, public bodies, civil society organisations, NGOs,
international organisations, businesses and other fields and

organisations that require an expert understanding of policy-
making. In addition to core policy and research training modules,

it offers specialised modules in specific policy areas including:
Policy in the Digital Age; Advocacy and Development; Gender;
Peace and Conflict; Disability; Ageing; Child and Family; Ocean
and Marine; Urban Policy; Social Welfare; and Negotiation; as

well as an optional field trip to Brussels to examine EU policy-
making. At a time when policy formulation and implementation

is increasingly subject to political scrutiny and negotiation, the
course emphasises the political contexts in which policy is made
and implemented and the development of digital government
and new forms of public consultation and participation.
The programme is aimed at Arts graduates seeking a qualification
that will help them to secure policy-related employment;
graduates from other fields including Commerce and Law
seeking to improve their employment prospects; graduates
interested in pursuing PhD research in an area where NUI Galway
has specialist policy expertise.

International Migration and Refugee Law and Policy

This unique programme enables students to develop their
knowledge of international and regional law, policy and practice
as it relates to the phenomena of international migration, human
trafficking and refugee law. Students can combine the study of
international migration with specialised courses in international
humanitarian law and peace operations, gender and law, child
rights, and international criminal law. The programme engages
students with current developments on the human rights of
migrants and refugees, globally, regionally and nationally. It
includes unique practice-oriented teaching, allowing students
to specialise in oral and written advocacy (legal and policy),
strategic litigation, fact-finding and international development.
A wide range of subject choices is available to students, drawing
on the expertise of our full time staff and prestigious adjunct


Law impacts on all aspects of life today, and the LLB provides
you with an excellent basis for a career as a practising lawyer, as
well as in other fields such as administration, business, the media
and social work. The LLB is also excellent preparation for work in
a legal advisory capacity in the private or public sector.
The LLB offers all the subjects currently required for the entrance
examinations to the legal professions (solicitors and barristers) in
Ireland. Furthermore, by choosing certain subjects, students can
also become eligible for exemptions in relation to entry to the
legal professions in England and Wales. In addition, all students
are required to take a core module designed to equip them with
critical legal research, writing and presentation skills.
The programme is offered during daytime hours and may be
taken over:
• Two years, full-time (120 credits);
• Three years, full-time (180 credits), wide range of optional
• Four years, part-time (180 credits), wide range of optional
The three-year and four-year versions of the programme give
students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their own
requirements, by choosing from a wide range of optional

Law and Human Rights

The Law and Human Rights
course is an innovative and unique
programme—the first of its kind in
• The School of Law and the Irish
Centre for Human Rights at NUI
Galway are pioneers in legal
education and research on human
• Students will have the opportunity
to apply for work placement or
study abroad opportunities in their
third year

Law and Business

This course is an interdisciplinary
programme that provides a full law
degree and a solid grounding in
• The third year of the programme
incorporates opportunities for
students to study abroad or
undertake a work placement.
• Upon graduation students can
pursue professional legal training
with the Law Society (solicitor) or
the Honorable Society of King’s
Inns (barrister).