Ophthalmic Dispensing

Dispensing Opticians are eye care professionals who are trained to interpret prescriptions issued by optometrists or ophthalmologists and to dispense spectacles and other optical aids. They advise patients on the most appropriate spectacle frames, lenses or other optical aids based on their individual needs taking into account the prescription, occupation and lifestyle of the patient. They are trained to take the measurements required for the fitting of such optical appliances. Dispensing Opticians also check spectacles and other appliances to ensure they match the patient’s specification and meet the required standards. They advise patients on how to get the best from their eyewear and play an important role in aftercare and the maintenance of such appliances. Dispensing opticians play a vital role in providing the best low vision aid for partially sighted patients and the best fitting frame and lens design for children. They are also trained to advise on sports and protective eyewear. Subsequent to further qualification, they may fit contact lenses. Dispensing opticians are often involved in optical practice management. A career as a dispensing optician is extremely rewarding. It offers great variety and will deliver a high degree of job satisfaction to those attracted to a career in an allied healthcare setting, who have an interest in maths and science, relish problem solving and enjoy interacting with the public. On graduation, you’ll be equipped to progress to ordinary and honours degree courses in TU Dublin.
Nivel NFQ: 7
Duración: 3
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Science