Science Industrial & Environmental Physics

This course aims to produce graduates with the skills needed for employment as technicians/technologists or scientific personnel in the fields of technology and physics, with a particular emphasis on the applications of physics in industrial and environmental contexts – including the science underlying renewable energy and sustainable technologies. On graduation, you’ll have experience and skill in handling instrumentation and the analysis, interpretation, presentation and critical evaluation of data. These skills, along with up-to-date knowledge of your field, will make you highly suited for a career as a technician or research assistant in industry and technology, especially in industries relating to renewable energy and sustainability. If you achieve the appropriate grades, you’ll be eligible to apply for entry to Year 3 of the honours degree course TU877 Physics Technology. The first year of the course is common with the courses TU755 Science, TU751 Biosciences and TU762 Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences. It will give you a broad scientific base before you concentrate on Applied Physics in Year 2 and Year 3. The course is offered on a modular basis. Six common core modules in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, professional skills and information technology will give you a solid foundation in science. In the second semester, you’ll study Project-Based Physics, Astronomy and Environmental & Energy Physics. You will choose an additional module from a selection of chemistry and biology modules on offer. In the third year, the applied and practical nature of the degree and the emphasis on environment, energy and industry come to the fore.
Nivel NFQ: 7
Duración: 3
Ciudad: Dublin
Area del curso: Science